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Pre-STARSkate figure skating program is being offered in conjunction with the CanSkate program. Skaters at the CanSkate Stage 4 level are eligible for this program. Lessons are given in a group format and led by a NCCP certified professional coach. Professional coaches are assisted by trained Program Assistants.

Skaters who should consider this program are those who are interested in going into the Skate Canada STARSkate or CompetitiveSkate program.

  • This program introduces skaters to the basic skills needed for the STARSkate or CompetitiveSkate program.
  • Skaters will be encouraged to practice their skills independently, which is an important aspect of the STARSkate and CompetitiveSkate programs.
  • After completion of this program, they are ready to move to the large ice surface and retain a NCCP certified professional coach and participate in private instruction.
  • Skaters may only attend this program for a maximum of 2 years.
  • Skater must receive an invitation from a coach prior to registering.
  • New to the club and think this is the correct program? please contact Kirstin Raychert prior to registering. Skater will receive an invitation from her to register.
  • Professional figure skates are required.
  • Must be 5 - 8 years old.

2020-2021 Season (Tentative)

Location: Small Ice Surface / Fitness Studio

Dates Day of the Week Time of the Day Program Cost

Sept 22 - March 27

This is a full year program which includes fall and winter but does not qualify for the Fall and Winter Session discount.

Tuesday - Off Ice 3:50 - 4:05 PM

2 times per week Tue/Wed - $785.00

2 times per week Tue/Thu - $910.00

3 times per week Tue/Wed/Thu - $1280.00

Tuesday - On Ice 4:15 - 5:00 PM
Wednesday - On Ice 4:45 - 5:30 PM
Thursday - On Ice 4:00 - 5:00 PM

Skaters must attend twice a week and can choose from the following:

On Ice Time
Tues (45 mins) + Wed (45 mins) = 1.5 hrs
Tues (45 mins) + Thu (60 mins) = 1.75 hrs
Tues (45 mins) + Wed (45 mins) + Thu (60 mins) = 2.5 hrs

Off Ice Time
Tuesday (15 mins)

Additional Fees

Skate Canada Annual Membership Fee

(non-refundable and non-transferable)

  • $44.00
  • Membership year - September 1 - August 31 (you will pay only once during a season, no matter how many sessions you register for).

When you/your child registers for a skating program at our club, you also become a member of Skate Canada, the national sport governing body for figure skating in Canada. There are many advantages that go with a Skate Canada membership such as accident insurance, access to Skate Canada programs and materials, the opportunity to participate in interclub and invitational competitions and special member prices on merchandise from the on-line store.

Please note that your skater's information will be shared with Skate Canada through this website.

This fee does not stay with the club but is sent on to Skate Canada in Ottawa. For more information about Skate Canada, visit

Lake Bonavista Community Association (LBCA) Membership Fee


  • $30.00
  • Membership year - July 1 - June 30

All registrants in the Pre-STARSkate/STARSkate program must have a yearly membership. The LBCA is a privately owned non-profit community centre with membership fees going towards maintaining the facility. Membership also includes access to all programs and to public skating. If you have already paid through another program at the Rec. Centre, you will receive a refund once we have confirmed your membership with the LBCA.

For more information about the LBCA, visit


STARSkate and CompetitiveSkate

STARSkate offers opportunities for skaters of all ages to develop fundamental figure skating skills in the areas of ice dance, skating skills, free skate and artistic skating.

  • Teaches figure skating skills in private lesson format.
  • Testing and progression through Skate Canada's nationally standardized STAR system.
  • Compete at invitational, sectional, provincial, and regional levels.

Non-Prime Ice (Morning)

It is mandatory for each skater, with the exclusion of those that have achieved GOLD in 3 of the following 4 disciplines: Dance, Skills, Freeskate, Artistic otherwise known as TRIPLE GOLD, to purchase one hour and a half (1.5 hours) of non-prime (morning) ice (whether the skater skates on it or not).

An exception is made for Pre-STARSkate skaters that are only "trying out" if they remain registered in the Pre-STARSkate program and are only adding on STARSkate session(s).

Program Fees

  • Membership Fees:
    • Lake Bonavista Community Association (LBCA) membership fee/per family - $30 (non-refundable).If you have already paid through another program at the Rec. Centre you will receive a credit on your account with the LBFSC once we have confirmed with LBCA. Purchasing a LBCA membership helps Lake Bonavista be a vibrant and sustainable community and supports the day-to-day operations of the community association. Memberships are valid from July 1 to June 30 and expire yearly.
    • Lake Bonavista Figure Skating Club (LBFSC) membership fee/per family - $50 (non-refundable)
    • Skate Canada Membership fee/per registrant - $44 (non-refundable and non-transferable)
    • Please note that your skater information will be shared with Skate Canada through this website.

      This fee does not stay with the club but is sent on to Skate Canada in Ottawa. For more information about Skate Canada, visit

  • Ice Fees: 
    Non-Prime Time - Morning ice excluding Sunday (less expensive)
    Prime Time - Afternoon ice and Sunday (more expensive)

  • Coaching Fees:
  • Before you register, youmust have a Professional Coach.
  • Private (Private lessons are when a skater books a 10-15 minute lesson, one-on-one with a Professional Coach).

Contact a private coach on our Coaches page of the website.

The Professional Coach will invoice each family for private lessons.

Member Obligations for STARSkate/CompetitiveSkate

Each family is required to meet the volunteer and fundraising requirements for the skating season starting June 1 to May 31. This includes Spring School, Summer School and Fall and Winter sessions. Read more...

Policies and Guidelines for STARSkate/CompetitiveSkate

These Policies and Guidelines apply to all STARSkate and CompetitiveSkate skaters for the 2019/2020 fall/winter sessions. All dates set forth in this document apply to all skaters regardless of the date of registration. Read more...