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Skating is for everyone! Whether you want to skate for fun or skate to win! #SkateWithUs!

STARSkate Volunteer

All families registered in programs under STARSkate and Podium Pathway.

Why we need Volunteers

As stated in our policies, Volunteers are essential to the operation of LBFSC. The combined efforts of our members ensure facilitation of events and activities. Hundreds of hours go into running our club, and each family is expected to volunteer their time.

Our skating season runs May through April, providing many opportunities to get your required Volunteer hours. Families who do not meet requirements will have their Volunteer cheque cashed in May of the current skating season.  Rink Chair hours do not count for Volunteer hours. Please contact our Rink Chair Coordinator with any questions regarding Rink Chair at

How to Volunteer

Volunteer opportunities can be accumulated through several LBFSC activities throughout the seasons.

Skaters must be at least 12 years old and family members must be at least 14 years old to Volunteer.

Volunteer Positions

There will be a separate “Call” for Volunteers throughout the skating season, June 1 - May 31, 2024

Credit Accumulation - 2023-2024

Credits are applied to every ½ hour of Volunteer time. LBFSC tracking system works on a credit/hour of Volunteer time. It is your responsibility to ensure you have met basic requirements to avoid cheque cashing.

1/2 hour 1 Credit
1 hour 2 Credits
$15* 2 Credits
Minimum: 8 hours Total: 16 Credits

*Monetary amounts are applied when there is a “call” for food/beverage pick up during Assessments

Questions regarding Assessments can be sent to

Cancellation of Events

Our club runs on dedicated volunteers who desire to have their children participate in multiple events throughout the year.  We will provide many opportunities to volunteer for events, sending multiple requests for each event. When we do not have enough volunteers to run an event, we risk having to cancel the event. Cancellation of an event wastes volunteer time already committed to organizing the event and is a disappointment to the children anticipating participation.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions in regard to Volunteering at

Thank You!

Paulette Hayman
Volunteer Coordinator

STARSkate Fundraising

All families registered in programs under STARSkate and Podium Pathway must participate in Fundraising.

Christmas Wreaths and Centerpieces

Growing Smiles

Purdys Chocolates

Order Online

Spolumbo's Fine Foods Campaign


STARSkate Casino

All families registered in programs under STARSkate and Podium Pathway.

Our next Casino dates are:

Questions regarding Casino can be sent to