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Skating is for everyone! Whether you want to skate for fun or skate to win! #SkateWithUs!

Drop-In Family Pass

How to Drop-In on a STARSkate Session

You do not have to purchase a Drop-In Family Pass to register to drop-in on a session.  You may register and pay for one session at a time.   All Drop-In programs have the  drop in symbol in the description.

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Go to your landing page, select the Menu, select Registration, then select STARSkate.
  3. Type out the program name or the day in the Quick Search box (example: Tue) on the LIST VIEW or scroll down and find your program.
  4. Click the red  button next to the program.
  5. On the next pop-up screen, select the Drop-In tab.
  6. Ensure you have the correct skater name.  Only sessions 2 hours to 4 weeks out will be displayed.
  7. NOTE: If you are doing this on your phone, there is a small area that scrolls (between the Drop-in tab and the red OK button. this is where the dates will list). Watch this video > drop-in-movie.MP4
  8. Select the session date you want (the little box (highlighted blue) next to/under the cost)
  9. NOTE: You can select more that one (1) drop-in session date per invoice as long they are the same denomination/amount.
  10. Select ADD.
  11. Select View Cart (or Shopping Cart).
  12. If you have a Drop In Family Pass, submitting the cart items will give you a zero balance, and an invoice will be emailed to you.
  13. If you DO NOTE have a Drop-In Family Pass, the system will charge you the appropriate per session fee.
  14. Please send the invoice to your skater's phone. They will need to show the Skating Director when they get to the ice. The Skating Directors are:
    • CJ in Fall/Winter
    • Leigh in Spring/Summer
  15. If your skater does not have a phone, please provide them with a paper copy.

About the Drop-In Family Pass (14% Discount Tickets)

  1. You may now use your new Drop-In Pass (formerly Pick-Up pass) for:
    • STARSkate On-ice - Fall/Winter
    • STARSkate Off-Ice - Fall/Winter
    • STARSkate Christmas Ice
    • STARSkate August Warm-up Ice
  2. Your skater must be qualified for the session they are dropping in on, that space is available, and your coach has consented.
  3. As always, any family member may use the Drop-In pass, provided the skater meets the requirements in item 2 above.

Check what is left in your Drop-In Pass

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Go to the Tickets tab. It will show you your remaining redemptions, or tickets you have left to use.

Purchase a Drop-In Pass

When your existing minutes run out, you will need to purchase a new Drop-In Pass below.

  1. Choose your preference 60, 45 or 30 minutes.
    • A single 60 min Drop-In is $25. A 5 pack of "tickets" works out to $18/60 min.
    • A single 45 min Drop-In is $18.75 A 5 pack of "tickets" works out to 13.50/45 min.
    • A single 30 min Drop-In is $12.50. A 5 pack of "tickets" works out to $9/30 min.
  2. IMPORTANT:  The system only allows you to use one "ticket" per session, and you must use the correct minutes. In other words, if you want a 60-minute session, you cannot use two tickets of 30 minutes each. If you don't have the correct denomination that you need, please email; The system admin can change the denomination for you.

Drop-In Family Pass | (Members Only) | 5 Sessions | 30 MINS


Drop-In Family Pass | (Members Only) | 5 Sessions | 45 MINS


Drop-In Family Pass | (Members Only) | 5 Sessions | 60 MINS