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Mini-competition F.A.Q.

Who can participate in the Mini-competition?

This competition is for all CanSkate, Pre-STARSkate and First Year STARSkate (Star 1) skaters.

When are the Mini-competitions?

The Fall mini-competition is on Monday, November 25, 2019 from 6-8pm.

The Spring mini-competition is on Monday, March 9, 2020 from 6-8pm.

You will receive your child’s skate time as the date draws nearer.

What does my child need to do in the competition?

CanSkate students will be performing 4-6 fundamental skills that they have been practicing the past weeks--these are all components they need to master to achieve their badges and ribbons.  The Pre-STARSkate and first-year STARSkate will be performing half ice solos.  It is a great opportunity for the skaters to shine, as they demonstrate their progress.

What should my skater wear to the competition?

Girls are encouraged to wear a skating dress or skirt with a tucked-in shirt, beige tights and a warm zippered sweater they can easily remove after their on-ice warm up. CanSkate girls may dress in nice fitted leggings and top/sweaters if they do not have a skating dress.  Please check out the Buy and Sell section of our website to see if any of our members are selling dresses that they have outgrown or to advertise any dresses you may no longer need.  Other great places for skating dresses and tights include Professional Skate and Bodythings Dancewear.

Boys should wear dress pants and a shirt/sweater.  Jeans are discouraged.

Will my child enjoy the competition?

Of course!  Even though it’s a “competition” of sorts, the focus is on having fun and every child will receive a medal.  As well, you can purchase a flower to congratulate your skater on a great performance for $2.50.

How do I pay the $15 entry fee for the competition if I am a first-year STARSkate skater? (There is NO FEE if you are in CanSkate or Pre-STARSkate)

Go to:  Registration > Purchase Other Products > STARSkate Mini Comp Registration Fee and add it to your cart, or purchase below.

Purchase STAR 1 (First Year STARSkate) Mini Comp Fee

$15 each


How do I register my skater?

Click here  to register today!  There is a registration deadline for each Mini-Competition.

What if I still have questions?

Feel free to speak to your coach or email if you have any other questions.