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Membership Bylaws:

4.1              Membership in the Club shall be open to all, irrespective of sex, age, creed or colour. All Club members participating in skating programs will also be members of the Lake Bonavista Community Association.

4.2              All members shall uphold, observe and conform to the rules of Skate Canada, the By-Laws of the Club and such regulations as set forth from time to time by the Executive of the Club.

4.3              Members of the Club shall be registered with Skate Canada and pay such registration fees as set forth in the Skate Canada rulebook.

4.4              Fees, age limits, skating rules and skating hours shall be as the Executive decides from time to time.  Club membership shall commence on the first day of the Skate Canada membership year, September 1, or the date that the fees are paid (whichever is the latter) and terminate on the last day of the Skate Canada membership year, August 31.

4.5              To be considered in good standing, all members of the Club must pay all Club fees as stipulated by the Club Executive.  Any member wishing to resign from the Club may do so upon written notice to the Executive through its Secretary.  Members in arrears over 30 days to the Club or to the Coaches will not be permitted to take part in any Club activity. If any arrears are not paid within 30 days of the date set for payment such members shall be considered as having terminated their membership.