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Sport Canada has mandated all Canadian amateur sports organizations to revise their programming to reflect their athlete development research findings and align with Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) philosophies. This model provides a pathway for an athlete to progress successfully through each sport.

 The Skate Canada Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model tells us:

  • How skaters develop based on age and maturation
  • What skills they should focus on developing/refining at each phase of development (windows of trainability)
  • How often they should be competing based on their level (ratio of training to competing)

STAR 1- 5 Program

The STAR 1-5 program encourages long-term athlete development and the principle of skating for life. This new program replaces the former Preliminary & Junior Bronze Programs which are now phased out.

The STAR 1-5 program consists of assessments in Skills, Freeskate and Dance.

Here is a great video from Skate Canada that explains the STAR 1-5 program to parents.

For additional information, please refer to the Skate Canada website or click the following link:

STAR 1-5 Program Assessments

Skate Canada ensures that ALL coaches have taken and successfully fulfilled all aspects of the training course designed to meet all requirements of the “Assessment Component” of the STAR 1-5 in order to evaluate or "assess" their skaters level.

When Assessments Occur:

For the most part, assessments will take place during the skater’s regular scheduled sessions.  There may be the odd time that your coach will request your skater to attend a different session to have the assessment done.  If this is required, your coach will speak with you directly to advise of the day/time. 

Please be advised:  every skater progresses at their own pace.  Comparisons to other skaters should be avoided.  Your coach has been extensively trained to determine the best time to conduct assessments for each skater.

Assessment Notification:

Once your skater is ready for an assessment, their coach will send an email to you based on the email address supplied to LBFSC upon registration. 

The email will detail the level(s) being assessed, the date of the assessments and if performance attire will be required for the assessment. 

Performance attire is black shirt/jacket, black leggings/pants, black gloves OR a skating dress/outfit approved by the skater’s coach.  Skates and laces should be clean.  Hair should be tidy and if long, should be tied up in a ponytail/bun.

On Assessment Day:

On Assessment Day, your skater should show up on time for their regularly scheduled session and if indicated in the assessment email, should be in performance attire. 

Similar to attendance at regular practice sessions, parents are NOT ALLOWED in the player's benches.  Viewing and videoing of your child can be done quietly in the stands.

Once completed, your skater will be given their assessment sheets to take home which will indicate the results of the assessment.  It is strongly advised that you keep these assessment sheets for your own records.  Although the Club and Skate Canada keep records of the results, we do not keep copies of the actual assessment sheets and therefore these cannot be reproduced.

Assessment Results:

The training for the STAR 1 – 5 levels and the timing of the assessments have been developed to provide a high level of success/pass rate. 

That being said, it is possible that your skater may need to re-try the assessment on another date.   Various reasons could cause this including illness and/or stress. Your coach will provide specific reasons if this is the result and will work with your skater to make the required improvements before having them assessed again. 

It is important that your coach ensures your skater masters their skills before advancing to the next level. Sometimes deficiencies are not apparent until the skater is put in an assessment. Parents are reminded to be supportive regardless of the result.

Assessment Fees:

The fee for the assessment is $12/assessment.  This fee must be paid PRIOR to the assessment.  We no longer accept cash/cheques, therefore, all payments must be made online.  Refer to your assessment email to determine how many assessments your skater is having then scroll below to pay for your assessment(s). 

Your coach will be checking to ensure payment is made prior to the session.  If payment has not been made, the coach will not be able to perform the assessment that day and your child will need to wait until the next assessment day is scheduled.


Purchase STAR 1 - 5 Assessments

$12 each