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Terms and Definitions

Descriptions and Standards


STAR 1 Ice Dance STAR 1.pdf STAR 4a Ice Dance Swing Dance.pdf
STAR 2a Ice Dance Dutch Waltz.pdf STAR 4b Ice Dance Fiesta Tango.pdf
STAR 2b Ice Dance Canasta Tango.pdf STAR 5a Ice Dance Willow Waltz.pdf
STAR 3a Ice Dance Baby Blues.pdf STAR 5b Ice Dance STAR 5b.pdf
STAR 3b Ice Dance STAR 3b.pdf  









STAR 1 Skating Skills  
STAR 2 Skating Skills  
STAR 3 Skating Skills  
STAR 4 Skating Skills  
STAR 5 Skating Skills  




STAR 1 Freeskate STAR 4 Freeskate - Elements
STAR 2 Freeskate - Elements STAR 4 Freeskate - Program
STAR 2 Freeskate - Program STAR 5 Freeskate - Elements
STAR 3 Freeskate - Elements STAR 5 Freeskate - Program
STAR 3 Freeskate - Program